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Translation of enjoyment in German

the enjoyment     der Genuss
the enjoyment     das Vergnügen

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Sample sentences:
It is important to associate enjoyment with one's pending retirement.

Es ist wichtig, Vergnügen mit seinem bevorstehenden Ruhestand zu assoziieren.
Enjoyment Der Genuss

We entered the club which started to fill up around mid-night. The atmosphere was great and many handsome men and beautiful women were dancing on the different floors of the club. We were upstairs.
The architecture is much more interesting and beautiful than its sister in the South. The architecture was influenced by the French but also by the Chinese. The buildings are thin and tall.
Instead, we gave him one of our Swiss chocolates as a gift so he would leave us alone. It worked: the boy went to the couple sitting next to us and tried to sell our Swiss chocolate for 2 Pesos.
Most common translations: excavator    exporter    fame    feeling    figment    flaky    flying    formed    fresh