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Translation of excite in German

to excite     anheizen; aufregen; erregen

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Sample sentences:
The chances of employment at the event excited many young fans.

Die Chance, bei dem Anlass arbeiten zu können reizte viele junge Fans.
excite (v); apasionar; entusiasmar begeistern
to excite anregen; erwecken

Study material is not easy to find. Unfortunately I have not received any such material yet. To give your students brochures and leaflets is in my opinion not the ideal. It cannot be compared with online studies.
Sorry, I did not know that I have a meeting with a friend. I will talk about our trip. Many thanks for the email and I hope we write eachother again soon and next time longer letters, I promise.
I want learn Spanish because of my girlfriend from Guatemala. She is from Latin America. And of course I want improve my grammar too. I like to hear it, but speaking is still hard. Hasta Luego.
Most common translations: extend    fanfare    felon    filler    flare    folder    forth    friendly    gain    genome   

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Conjugation of excite   [ excited, excited ]