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Translation of extracurricular in German

extracurricular     außerhalb des Lehrplans stattfindend

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Sample sentences:
For extracurricular classes, teachers here are paid less.

Für die außerhalb des Lehrplans stattfindenden Unterrichtsstunden bekommen Lehrer hier weniger Gehalt.

Sometimes you forget one word and this makes the entire sentence sound differently. That means that you need to read each email before sending it twice at least if you want to be on the safe side every time.
In plural there is no difference between the formal and the colloquial address form. Do you mean that you are using 3rd person singular form for the plural imperative? If so, I will change all entries so far.
I have learned German for one year and I would like to intensify my studies. Do not know how yet... It is very difficult at my age to start new projects in life. I am over 75, did I tell ya...
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