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Translation of find in German

to find      finden 

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Sample sentences:
The woman at the register could not find the bar code on the yoghurt.

Die Kassiererin konnte den Barcode auf dem Joghurt nicht finden.
The forest was very dense and we couldn't find any boars. Der Wald war sehr dicht, und wir konnten keine Wildschweine entdecken.
She shrugged and said: "So what, you'll find somebody better ." Sie zuckte mit den Schultern und sagte: "Na und? Du findest einen besseren.'.
to spot; to notice; to find out etwas bemerken; etwas entdecken
to notice; to find out festellen; herausfinden
to find your approval ihre Zustimmung finden
find your approval Ihre Zustimmung finden
to solve; to find the solution lösen
to get out of; to find out herauskriegen
please find enclosed Anbei finden Sie
Enclosed please find ... liegt bei
to find out entdecken/herausfinden

Sorry, I don't know but I have asked some friends for help. Hope they will answer soon! Where did you find this sentence? He's originally from Scotland, so I hope you can understand his accent.
I was very busy during the last month. I had to write some letters to find a new job. Thanks for your message yesterday evening! Where do you life in the USA? I have never been there, not yet, buy I will one day.
We left town and drove around the lake. Around 30 minutes after leaving we had a flat tire, which I changed immediately. That was very annoying as the rental company asked us to fix the flat tire.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of find   [ found, found ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of finden
finde  findest  findet  finden  findet  finden  fand  fandest  fand  fanden  fandet  fanden