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Translation of foreign in German

foreign      ausländisch 
foreign     ausländisch; fremd; welsch

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Sample sentences:
Language schools in Japan always need foreign staff to hand out flyers.

Sprachschulen in Japan brauchen immer Ausländer, die Flugblätter für sie austeilen.
In the showdown, Wu fights the foreign boxer and wins. Im Endkampf kämpft Wu gegen den ausländischen Boxer und gewinnt.
The conjugation of verbs is not always easy for a foreign student. Die Konjugation von Verben ist nicht immer leicht für ausländische Studenten.
common foreign policy gemeinsame Außenpolitik
foreign currency ausländische Währung
foreign trade monopoly Außenhandelsmonopol
Foreign Office "Inneres und Äußeres"
foreign investor ausländischer Investor
Foreign Secretary der Außerminister
foreign policy die Außenpolitik
foreign exchange market Devisenmarkt
foreign language die Fremdsprache

My family is doing well except for my youngest daughter. She is a little ill and needs to visit many doctors. She has had several infections lately, but nothing dangerous, so we are not too worried.
Due to jet lag (for us it was 10p.m.) we could not sleep, so we stayed at the airport until the morning where we had to take a flight around 8a.m. The destination was Siem Reap in Cambodia.
I actually wrote you earlier, but everything got erased when I accidentally closed my browser window. Anyway, you want to know about the Germany. I can send you some information and send you some links.
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