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Translation of laptop in German

the laptop     der Laptop

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Sample sentences:
To increase the performance of my laptop I added some megabytes of memory to it.

Um die Leistung meines Laptops zu erhöhen habe ich einige Megabytes Speicher hinzugefügt.
Right now I am thinking of buying my fortieth laptop. Ich denke gerade darüber nach, mein vierzigstes Laptop zu kaufen.
laptop Laptop

In addition, two woman were singing songs taken from Vietnamese theater. Again, I don't exactly recall what it was all about, but it seems boring and unimportant from today's point of view.
I took her down to the bathroom, and her pants and shoes were full of vomit. We were sure that it was not alcohol, but that there was something wrong with the food we had at this "nice" restaurant.
If we had more time, we would have stayed overnight in Aguas Calientes and visited Machu Picchu before 10 a.m. when the crowd (from Cusco) arrives.
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