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Translation of godmother in German

the godmother     die Patin

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Sample sentences:
If you agree to become my baby's godmother you have to promise me that you will be around in an emergency.

Wenn Du Dich dazu bereiterklärst, Patin meines Babys zu werden, dann musst Du mir versprechen, im Notfall zur Stelle zu sein.

Once inside, not waiting in line, and not paying, our new friend took us to the VIP balcony. Our old friends did not understand how we organized all this so quickly and neither did we (to be honest).
The different monuments were located in one big compound in the center. Strangely on the same day that we have visited there the prime minister of Thailand came for a visit in the same area.
The same afternoon (October 4) we took a flight to Arequipa, spearing a bus ride of 12 hours. Due to heavy winds we had a delay of 2 hours. We took off at around 4.30pm.
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