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Translation of guess in German

to guess      erraten 
to guess     raten; schätzen; vermuten
the guess     die Vermutung
the guess     die Schätzung

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Sample sentences:
When I eat something I can usually guess most ingredients.

Wenn ich etwas esse, kann ich normalerweise die meisten Zutaten erraten.
Guess how many mussels I found today and add a zero. Rate mal wie viele Muscheln ich heute gefunden habe und füge eine Null hinzu.
the guess die Vermutung; die Annahme; das Raten
I guess ich nehme an; ich denke; (ae)
to guess ahnen, raten, vermuten
guess vermuten, schätzen
my guess is Ich schätze
guess 1.raten 2. Vermutung
to guess correctly erraten
(to) guess raten,erraten
guess what Stell dir vor!
guess; (ges) Vermutung

I guess you know Spanish very well. I'm not on line most of the time. I think to get accommodation in the city is hard. I have many friends in Madrid, they all live outside the city. I think we can help each other to practice German or Spanish.
I was very busy during the last month. I had to write some letters to find a new job. Thanks for your message yesterday evening! Where do you life in the USA? I have never been there, not yet, buy I will one day.
Hi George, I speak a little bit of English but not very well. Can you correct my mistakes if I have any? I will help you with German. Writing is important, it helps to focus. Thank you for your answer.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of guess   [ guessed, guessed ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of erraten
errate  errätst  errät  erraten  erratet  erraten  erriet  errietest  erriet  errieten  errietet  errieten     
Conjugation of raten
rate  rätst  rät  raten  ratet  raten  riet  rietest  riet  rieten  rietet  rieten     
Conjugation of schätzen
schätze  schätzt  schätzt  schätzen  schätzt  schätzen  schätzte  schätztest  schätzte  schätzten  schätztet  schätzten     
Conjugation of vermuten
vermute  vermutest  vermutet  vermuten  vermutet  vermuten  vermutete  vermutetest  vermutete  vermuteten  vermutetet  vermuteten