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Translation of raten

raten  to advise     
raten to advise    ; to guess    

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Sample sentences:
Die Rückzahlung des Gesamtbetrags wird in 12 monatlichen Raten erfolgen.

Payback of the total amount will be done in 12 monthly installments.
in Raten bezahlen pay in instalments; pay by instalments
die Vermutung; die Annahme; das Raten the guess
raten advise; give advice; aconsejar (1ra)
etwas jem. raten; empfehlen to counsel
raten; empfehlen counsel; recommend
raten; empfehlen; beraten to advise

Last weekend some friends of mine and I took a trip to the North-West of Massachussets to see the leaves which have changed their colors. All over the world people talk about the autumn in Boston.
No problem with the statement you sent me! They need to fill in some forms on the main page, which they will do tomorrow. Please send me all German lessons and guidelines for inserting the expressions.
The days before I left to Mexico and Cuba I started to track the hurricanes in the region. September was not the ideal time to visit the region, but it fitted the best according to my previous boss.
Do you know the meaning of? mager    hoffen    froh    eine    bezahlt    auch nicht    Zelt    Wagen    Türkei    Tafel   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of raten
rate  rätst  rät  raten  ratet  raten  riet  rietest  riet  rieten  rietet  rieten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of advise   [ advised, advised ]
Conjugation of guess   [ guessed, guessed ]