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Translation of heavy in German

heavy     heftig; schwer

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Sample sentences:
The psychological strain was too heavy for him.

Die psychologische Belastung war zu heftig für ihn.
The mime was so good, his plastic hammer actually looked extremely heavy. Der Pantomime war so gut, dass sein Plastikhammer tatsächlich sehr schwer aussah.
The helicopter was flying close to the mountain range to avoid the heavy wind. Der Hubschrauber flog nahe zur Bergkette um dem starken Wind zu entgehen.
heavy, difficult; complicated, hard; dificil schwer
heavy (demand) erhebliche Nachfrage
heavy industry die Schwerindustrie
heavy showers Regenschauer (stark)
heavy engineering Schwerindustrie
HGV; heavy goods vehicle Lkw
heavy stark; heftig; schwer
Heavy Metals Schwermetalle
heavy heftig; hart; stark

I was one time in Oxford. I'm studying social work in Austria. I'm living near Salzburg. It's in the middle of Austria. What are you doing in Oxford? Studying, teaching or working? Please stay in touch with me.
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