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Translation of honorable in German

honorable     ehrenhaft

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Sample sentences:
We want only honest and honorable men in the army, Hunter!

Wir wollen nur ehrliche und ehrenhafte Männer in der Armee, Hunter!
His actions were honorable and impressed Mia. Seine Taten waren ehrenhaft und beeindruckten Mia.
honorable ehrenwert

I bought the ticket very quickly and ran to the gate. A stewardess was waiting for me and waved. She shouted that I should hurry up. I ran as fast as I could and entered the gate leading to the plane.
Anyway, I will add the 'offending' word feature within a few hours and write you an email once it is up and we will give it a try. Do you agree? Did you get my message? When do you want to start translating for me?
Maybe it's just a small mistake but I think that we corrected almost all errors. But I'm not worried anyway, because you already have good language skills. Good luck with your exams tomorrow.
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