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Translation of however in German

however     allerdings; dennoch; doch; jedoch
however     hingegen

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Sample sentences:
I fell from the stairs. However, I did not get hurt.

I fiel von den Treppen, allerdings wurde ich nicht verletzt.
although; nevertheless; however dennoch; trotzdem
however doch; jedoch; wie auch immer
however allerdings; dahingegen
however jedoch,aber,allerdings
however allerdings; jedoch
I, however,... Ich jedoch...
but**; however** jedoch
However wie auch immer
alone, however allein
but*; however allein
however doch, jedoch

Food was excellent, but unfortunately my wife could not eat it as it came with too much curry and she is sensitive to it. We were very tired and returned to the hotel around eleven o'clock.
Our bus was completely full and we were the only Europeans on our tour. There were also Americans and people from South Korea. The driver took us to a place called Tam Coc. He drove like an idiot.
Sorry but I hadn't have enough time in the last two weeks to respond to your email and to your interesting offer. I really need to think about it a little longer, and I am sure you'd understand.
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