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Translation of jedoch

jedoch however    ; yet    ; nevertheless    
jedoch though    

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Sample sentences:
Sie hatte kurz Soziologie studiert, sich dann jedoch entschlossen, Schauspielerin zu werden.

She had briefly studied sociology but then decided to become an actress.
Toyotas Rückrufaktion schmerzte die Firma zwar, vernichtete sie jedoch nicht. Toyota's product recall hurt the company but did not destroy it.
Ich bekam die Bücher umsonst, musste jedoch für den Versand zahlen. I got the books for free but had to pay for the shipping.
obwohl; allerdings; jedoch, immerhin though
doch; jedoch; wie auch immer however
jedoch,aber,allerdings however
doch; jedoch; trotzdem though
doch, dennoch, jedoch though
jedoch, aber; obwohl though
jedoch,aber; obwohl though
jedoch, aber;obwohl though
allerdings; jedoch however

I counted the bills and saw that ten thousand Lire were still missing. The old man return to the children, grabbed the oldest one for a second time and hit him again. A minute later he came back with the missing.
In my next message to you I want to write everything in German. Than I will rewrite it in English and we can compare the output. This way you see the text in your mother tongue and in a foreign language.
Somehow at three in the morning I finally fell asleep. The place did not serve breakfast but I went to the northern beach which offered really nice food. I ate some fruits and drank coffee.
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