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Translation of inherent in German

inherent     inhärent; innewohnend

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Sample sentences:
Humility should be an inherent feature of Christianity.

Demut sollte eine inhärenter Bestandteil des Christentums sein.
inherent established by nature; second-nature; inborn
inherent anhalten

We started the next day with the famous breakfast at our famous Rex hotel. The breakfast was not good at all and they tried to mimic an American continental breakfast, instead of using typical food.
Hi! Thank you for your invitation and for your very kind messages. I'm sorry but it is very late here and I prefer to write you tomorrow. When is the best time to chat? See you later than.
Than we took a cab to the actual border crossing. In the cab we took gave a ride to another tourist and with some scary Peruvian guy, who had a bag full of faked CDs. He didn't seem too nice and had many scarves.
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