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international     international

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Sample sentences:
The principal was pleased to see the international students do well.

Der Direktor war erfreut darüber, dass die internationalen Studenten sich gut machten.
international community Völkergemeinschaft
an international call ein Auslandsgespräch
international flight Auslandsflug
international market Weltmarkt
international trade Welthandel

We started the next day with the famous breakfast at our famous Rex hotel. The breakfast was not good at all and they tried to mimic an American continental breakfast, instead of using typical food.
Sammy our cab driver brought us to the hotel, he promised to pick us up a few hours later. We took a shower and rested a little. I could not sleep because I was too excited of being in a new country.
We first took a regular bus to the border, which was basically just an empty building. There we switched to Jeeps, as the terrain was rocky. In our group there were 4 American girls and us.
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