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Translation of lag in German

to lag     nacheilen

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to trail behind; to lag behind hinterherhinken
time lag (zeitliche) Verzögerung
lag behind zurückbleiben
lag warmers Stulpen
jet lag Jetlag (1)
jet lag Jet-Lag
lag Penis
lag Bein

This Thursday afternoon a group of twenty five belonging to the Language Institute of English will take a trip to the Canadian city Montreal, accompanied and well protected by the bodyguard Linda.
It is an abandoned place in the middle of Spain, in the middle of nowhere. The station is located near a junction where the ways of the trains split. Both are split as well, in their minds.
I can highly recommend to visit there. After only three hours we had to leave and drive to the international airport. We ate lunch and boarded the aircraft which took us to Bangkok within three hours.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of lag   [ lagged, lagged ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of nacheilen
[bin nachgeeilt]
eile nach  eilst nach  eilt nach  eilen nach  eilt nach  eilen nach  eilte nach  eiltest nach  eilte nach  eilten nach  eiltet nach  eilten nach