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Translation of lead in German

to lead     führen; leiten
to lead     anführen
the lead     der Vorsprung; die Führung
the lead     das Blei

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Sample sentences:
The activation of brain cells leads to better achievements.

Die Aktivierung von Gehirnzellen führt zu besseren Leistungen.
Vitamin C deficiency can lead to a weakened immune system. Vitamin C-Mangel kann zu einem geschwächten Immunsystem führen.
The litigation took eleven months and finally led to Mirch being acquitted. Der Prozess dauerte elf Monate und führte schließlich dazu, dass Mirch freigesprochen wurde.
to lead to; led; led leiden tot; zu etw. führen
to lead to; led; led führen,leiten (zu,nach)
to run; to lead; to manage führen; leiten
lead; led; led führen; vorangehen
lead time Lieferzeit; Bearbeitungszeit
lead an army eine Armee anführen
the lead guitarist der Frontgitarrist
to lead, led, led führen; leiten
to lead; (*)(1) führen, leiten

In addition, two woman were singing songs taken from Vietnamese theater. Again, I don't exactly recall what it was all about, but it seems boring and unimportant from today's point of view.
It is better to loose two dollars than a leg to some stupid crocodile. We moved on and the boat driver took us to a farm close to the floating village. There were all sorts of animals.
And we could not see a thing outside the bus. The bus stopped two hours later at 11pm at our final destination, San Pedro. We took our backpacks and left the bus. The bus drove away into the dark night.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of lead   [ led, led ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of führen
führe  führst  führt  führen  führt  führen  führte  führtest  führte  führten  führtet  führten     
Conjugation of leiten
leite  leitest  leitet  leiten  leitet  leiten  leitete  leitetest  leitete  leiteten  leitetet  leiteten