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Translation of live in German

to live      leben 
live      live 

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Sample sentences:
This quirky old man lived on his own in the woods.

Dieser schrullige alte Mann lebte allein in den Wäldern.
What a dinky little hut this witch lives in! In was für einer schäbigen kleinen Hütte diese Hexe wohnt!
The soul is the wonderful entity that fills our lives with meaning. Die Seele ist das wunderbares Gebilde, das unser Leben bedeutungsvoll macht.
leave-left-left; live (liv); live (*)(1) verlassen; leben; direkt
live in plenty im Überfluss leben
to live on, eat ernähren sich
to live abroad im Ausland leben
to live, lived lebte, wohnte
to live apart getrennt leben
live person lebendige person
live programme Live-Sendung
to live; to reside wohnen

I am trying to learn Spanish because Spanish is becoming more and more important in the USA because of immigrants. Especially here in Texas. I used to live in Nevada for many years. Boring place, gotta tell ya.
Nice to meet you. I am learning English but my English is very bad, we could exchange messages in Spanish. I have got all the chat applications on my laptop. Sorry again for writing with many mistakes.
I think there are many similar words in English and in German like park, house, bank and many more. Many people in Germany know these words, although they do not speak English properly.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of live   [ lived, lived ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of leben
lebe  lebst  lebt  leben  lebt  leben  lebte  lebtest  lebte  lebten  lebtet  lebten