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Translation of lovable in German

lovable     liebenswert

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Sample sentences:
Endurance is not only a practical but also a lovable trait.

Durchhaltevermögen ist nicht nur ein praktischer sondern auch ein liebenswerter Zug.
lovable liebenswert

This is a sentence that completes the document so that it will not be shorter than one thousand words. I will add also another one in the second set of words. However, try to learn Spanish or to learn German.
I have began to learn English. I like to swim and to dive, because I lived near the beach while I lived in Miami. It is not similar to any other sport. But this week have not been yet to the pool.
There are great museums if you like art. The most important is the Van Gogh museum. There are good restaurants and bars in the center, it is very international. I hope we can stay in touch.
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