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Translation of mar in German

to mar     beschädigen; verderben

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Sample sentences:
The old book was marred, and some pages were difficult to read.

Das alte Buch war beschädigt, und einige Seite waren schwer zu lesen.

Work was performed only in June, July, August and September. In October and November, Erik has been waiting for Katja's visit and Sabine was on maternal leave after Christmas and New Year.
I do translate to Spanish, but I always inform the client about my problem, in order not to have any dispute. The corrections I receive after proof reading are mostly a confusion between the different time forms in Spanish.
Learning a new language is never easy, especially the first foreign language. Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult for me as well. But the vocabulary exercises here are really good.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of beschädigen
beschädige  beschädigst  beschädigt  beschädigen  beschädigt  beschädigen  beschädigte  beschädigtest  beschädigte  beschädigten  beschädigtet  beschädigten     
Conjugation of verderben
verderbe  verdirbst  verdirbt  verderben  verderbt  verderben  verdarb  verdarbst  verdarb  verdarben  verdarbt  verdarben