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Translation of nick in German

to nick     einkerben; einschneiden
the nick     die Kerbe

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Sample sentences:
Nick loved cheddar while Anja preferred Swiss cheese.

Nick liebte Cheddar, während Anja Schweizerkäse bevorzugte.
He nicked his arrow so he would recognize it again later. Er kerbte seinen Pfeil ein, so dass er ihn später wiedererkennen würden.
Nick is upstairs. Nick ist oben.
nick centik

Arete means earring. Is it only in Mexico, regional? earring has multiple translations in Spanish, some are regionalism, others not. Arete, pendiente, caravana, and some others. But they are widely understood.
I have not received your contact request at MSN yet, but I will look it up tonight. My user name is the same as it is here. What it your user name there, also the same as on this website?
The best would be if we meet on the corner of Lafayette and Spring street. This is pretty much at the end of the road. There, on the left side, is a large parking lot where you can place the car.
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