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Translation of nonsense in German

the nonsense     der Blödsinn; der Nonsens; der Unsinn

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Sample sentences:
What he said sounded like nonsense, and I didn't believe a word of it.

Was er erzählte klang nach Blödsinn, und ich glaubte kein Wort davon.
Maria's notebook was filled with nonsense. Marias Schreibheft war voller Unsinn.
the nonsense der Quatsch; der Spaß
nonsense Quatsch, Spaß
nonsense Unsinn, Quatsch
nonsense unsinn

So we decided to move on. We were looking to get the next flight to Hoi Ann, which is located right in the center of the country, but we were told that there had been floods a week earlier.
We decided to walk back and explore the city on foot. It was hard to cross the streets as there was an endless flow of motorcycles and bikes. One needed to just enter the street and cross it.
The next morning she felt much better and we decided to take the bus to Puerto Varas, a small town near the Osorno volcano. The bus ride took around 13 hours and we passed through various, but not very interesting landscapes.
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