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Translation of parcel in German

the parcel     das Grundstück; die Parzelle
the parcel     das Päckchen

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Sample sentences:
Hans scatted to the post office to send off the parcel on time.

Hans eilte zur Post, um das Paket rechtzeitig abzuschicken.
The parcel is currently going through customs. Das Paket geht im Moment durch den Zoll.
The price of the delivery depends on the weight and volume of the parcel. Der Preis des Transportes hängt vom Gewicht und Volumen des Päckchens ab.
the box(es); the parcel(s) die Schachtel, Schachteln
Open the parcel! Öffne das Paket!
parcel die Sendung; das Paket
Make a parcel! Mach ein Paket!
parcel Paket, Päckchen
parcel Paket (Postpaket)
parcel; package Paket
parcel das Paket, -e

It was better to avoid this city at the moment, although it is supposed to be one of the more beautiful ones in the entire region. It is considered historic, beautiful and a culturally important city.
Due to jet lag (for us it was 10p.m.) we could not sleep, so we stayed at the airport until the morning where we had to take a flight around 8a.m. The destination was Siem Reap in Cambodia.
This moment by itself made the flight and its delay worth. Although we regarded Arequipa as a hub on the way to Chile, it turned out to be a very charming city.
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