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Translation of pin in German

to pin     stecken
to pin     feststecken
the pin     die Stecknadel

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Sample sentences:
The thickness of the pin had to be adjusted to fit through the hole.

Die Dicke der Nadel musste angepasst werden, um durch das Loch zu passen.
ten-pin bowling alley Bowlingbahn
PIN number PIN Nummer, Code
to pin heften, festmachen
pin-striped Nadelstreifen
acus; needle; pin Nadel
tie pin Krawattennadel
pin (Ansteck-)Nadel
hair pin Haarnadel

We were a little worried about the entry to Vietnam because regulations specifically mentioned to leave two blank pages in the passport for the Visa stamp and my wife's passport was full.
Anyway, the entire bus ride lasted four hours and we finally arrived at the city of Halong. We were supposed to take a two day luxury boat tour on a ship called The Lagoon Explorer.
The next day we had the feeling that the worst of our altitude thickness was over and decided to take the local bus to the Sacred Valley, a key area of settlement to the Incas.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of pin   [ pinned, pinned ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of feststecken
stecke fest  steckst fest  steckt fest  stecken fest  steckt fest  stecken fest  steckte fest  stecktest fest  steckte fest  steckten fest  stecktet fest  steckten fest     
Conjugation of stecken
stecke  steckst  steckt  stecken  steckt  stecken  stak  stakst  stak  staken  stakt  staken