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Translation of play in German

to play      spielen 
to play     blasen; spielen
the play     das Schauspiel
the play     der Spielzug

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Sample sentences:
He is playing the violin in a string quartet.

Er spielt die Geige in einem Streichquartett.
"Much Ado About Nothing" was Martha's favorite play. "Viel Lärm um nichts" war Marthas Lieblingsstück.
200 actors showed up for the audition, eager to play Spiderman. 200 Schauspieler kamen zum Vorsprechen, wild auf die Rolle des Spiderman.
the story deals with; play; poem Die Geschichte handelt von; Theaterstück(1); Gedicht
play football yourself selber Fußball spielen
play second fiddle die zweite Geige spielen
play the recorder Blockflöte spielen
to play truant die Schule schwänzen
play truant blau machen, schwänzen
to play basketball Basketball spielen
to play volleyball Volleyball spielen
to play truant Schule schwänzen

Next winter I'm going to Spain, where i hope to study Spanish. It's easy to visit Germany. Munich is a big city in Bayern...It's a nice city. Lot's of restaurants, nice buildings, a lake nearby and really friendly people.
A flew hours later we landed in Siem Reap. The land around us was amazingly green and the weather was very humid. We were still in shock while driving into the city center with our driver.
In the late afternoon we took a taxi back to Cusco, which we shared with a nice Spanish couple. My wife who was mainly concerned with our sleeping conditions took the address of their hotel.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of play   [ played, played ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of blasen
blase  bläst  bläst  blasen  blast  blasen  blies  bliesest  blies  bliesen  bliest  bliesen     
Conjugation of spielen
spiele  spielst  spielt  spielen  spielt  spielen  spielte  spieltest  spielte  spielten  spieltet  spielten