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Translation of puffy in German

puffy     aufgeblasen; aufgedunsen; geschwollen

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Sample sentences:
Her puffy eyes showed me that she had been crying before.

Ihre geschwollenen Augen zeigten mir, dass sie vorher geweint hatte.

I was on vacation for almost two months, so that I could not send you the learning files. In the coming days I will organize the tasks for 2012... Can I count on you for some translation work? Can you translate the following sentence?
The fact that James is active in many industries in Colorado, does not mean that the same must apply abroad, let's say in Spain. This fact complicates the ability to learn English in everyday life.
I come from Bavaria and live in Munich. How are you? Sorry that I am replying your email just now, but again I am covered with work. My boss is back from vacation and gives me many assignments.
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