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Translation of same in German

the same      das Gleiche 
same     gleich
same     dasselbe; dieselbe; selbe

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Sample sentences:
She was very sympathetic as she had suffered from the same disease before.

Sie war sehr verständnisvoll, weil sie auch einmal die gleiche Krankheit gehabt hatte.
Angela's baby has the same long eyelashes as her. Angelas Baby hat die gleichen langen Wimpern wie sie.
Everyone in the room felt the same tension. Jedermann im Zimmer hat die selbe Spannung gespürt.
all the same; indifferent; indiferente gleichgültig
all the same; in spite of; nevertheless trotzdem
the same wavelength die gleiche Wellenlänge
same; identical; straight away gleich
the same procedure die selbe Prozedur
the same thing der-,die-,dasselbe
the same der-, die-, dasselbe
same selbe(r,s); gleiche(r,s)
same gleich, ähnlich

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Are you using any literature in your studies? You want to study Spanish? I can help you. Where do you life in England? I have visited London last year. It was very amazing. It was a great trip.
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