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Translation of rather in German

rather     beziehungsweise; lieber
rather     eher; vielmehr

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Sample sentences:
Maya's children are so snotty I'd rather not invite them.

Mayas Kinder sind so patzig, dass ich sie am liebsten nicht einladen würde.
Brave soldiers would rather die than surrender. Mutige Soldaten würden eher sterben als kapitulieren.
Our tools are very dusty since we would rather call a professional to fix things around the house. Unser Werkzeug ist sehr staubig, da wir lieber einen Techniker für Reparaturen im Haus anrufen.
though still rather obwohl doch eher
I would rather Ich würde lieber
rather; rather ziemlich; lieber als
I'd rather ich würde lieber
would rather möchte lieber
rather ziemlich, eher, lieber
rather than eher, lieber als
I'd rather not. Lieber nicht
rather than eher als, statt

After breakfast we visited one of the largest markets in the country. It was very close to the hotel and we were tempted to buy souvernirs and other stuff that we would never use ever again.
He planned the entire day and knew exactly where to take us and when to take us in order to be before or after the tour buses. We started at the farthest place of all temples called Banteay Srey.
In Bariloche it took us around 3 hours to find a nice hotel. The prices varied a lot and there were no bargains. We settled for the Hotel Tirol, owned by an Austrian lady. It was a cute place with a lake view.
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