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Translation of recant in German

to recant     widerrufen

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Sample sentences:
In the hearing she has recanted her statement.

In der Verhandlung hat sie ihre Aussage widerrufen.

I ran across the bridge to reach the other terminal and asked at the check in counter which connecting flights were still available. I wanted to avoid having to drive into the city at any cost.
I do translate to Spanish, but I always inform the client about my problem, in order not to have any dispute. The corrections I receive after proof reading are mostly a confusion between the different time forms in Spanish.
Hello, my name is Rick and I come from Mexico, I live in the capital Mexico City which is located in the center. I speak Spanish and German as my mother tongue and I can help you with either one.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of widerrufen
widerrufe  widerrufst  widerruft  widerrufen  widerruft  widerrufen  widerrief  widerriefst  widerrief  widerriefen  widerrieft  widerriefen