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Translation of refusal in German

the refusal     die Ablehnung; die Absage

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refusal Ablehnung; Zurückweisung
refusal Ablehnung; (Ver-) Weigerung
refuse; refusal ablehnen; Ablehnung
refusal; rejection die Ablehnung
refusal; negative replay Absage
refusal Ablehnung, Verweigerung
refusal Ablehnung

Thanks for the message. I hope that your friend here in England will soon be feeling better. If you decide to come at another time, I would be very pleased to meet you here. You can sleep at my place.
Coniralu is the fifth school, for which I work as an agent in Europe (currently 3 of them actively). For all other schools I have found many students. The earliest connections came after 4-5 weeks.
The weather is never really good this time of the year here. I have found a new girlfriend and guess what: she is Spanish. Yesterday we went out for the 4th time. Tomorrow I will see her again.
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