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Translation of senior in German

the senior     der Senior

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Sample sentences:
It is important to foster contentment in senior citizens.

Es ist wichtig, bei Senioren Zufriedenheit zu fördern.
secondary school; senior school; upper school weiterführende Schule
(senior) executive leitender Angestellter
senior executive leitende/r Angestellter
senior executive leitender Angestellter
senior manager leitender Angestellter
senior Ältere/r; ältere/s/r
senior member leitendes Mitglied
senior officer hoher Offizier
senior high school Oberschule
senior Oberstufenschüler
senior vorgesetzt , leitend

Hi, I'm back from my vacation. It gives me pleasure to learn Spanish, because I can feel the improvement continously. I studied medicine in the University of Montpellier, a student city in France.
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I wish you lots of fun and success in your French class, and a nice weekend with lots of snow. PS: I am so happy I found you, my Italian friend, because we can visit each other all the time now.
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