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Translation of Senior

der Senior the senior    ; the elderly person

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senior älter
Senior senior

The picture I sent yesterday was taken on the first evening. And this morning the email bounced back. The user has already uploaded 3 different pictures of himself, all with the same facial expressions.
I will be here for another 3 hours, then about 2 hours offline and then again online until late. So the exception is in Spain, cause formal is usually vos/ustedes even when we speak to 1 person. They also jump to the third person singular.
Thank you for your feedback, I have little knowledge of the German language, and at the moment I have to use the dictionary a lot, and I read many articles from online newspapers and magazines.
Do you know the meaning of? Schere    Refrain    Pfeil    Nachname    Maulwurf    Kürbis    Kleid    Internet    Hauptspeise    Gewicht