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Translation of sent in German

sent     gesendet

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Sample sentences:
The arraignment was sent to him by post on Tuesday.

Die Anklage wurde ihm am Dienstag per Post geschickt.
She sent her manuscript to ten publishers. Sie schickte ihr Manuskript an zehn Verlage.
My friend sent me a screenshot of a writing program for authors. Mein Freund schickte mir ein Bildschirmfoto von einem Schreibprogramm für Autoren.

I will send you a summary of the activities from our last vacation last year, but I will be brief, so I will send only the highlights. It is best if we discuss everything, in the beginning of August.
As mentioned in our conversation, I will send a more detailed description about all the other exercises. As indicated previously, I believe in your technical skills and in your talent.
The weather is never really good this time of the year here. I have found a new girlfriend and guess what: she is Spanish. Yesterday we went out for the 4th time. Tomorrow I will see her again.
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