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Translation of somebody in German

somebody     irgendjemand; jemand

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Sample sentences:
Whenever somebody got killed, his family had to avenge him.

Immer wenn jemand getötet wurde, musste seine Familie ihn rächen.
When somebody is that handsome, he is most certainly a heartbreaker. Wenn jemand so gut aussieht ist er sicherlich ein Herzensbrecher.
She shrugged and said: "So what, you'll find somebody better ." Sie zuckte mit den Schultern und sagte: "Na und? Du findest einen besseren.'.
to trust somebody; to trust in somebody; trust somebody jemandem vertrauen
to show somebody round; to show somebody around herumführen
to jell at somebody; to shout at somebody jemanden anschreien
to laugh at somebody; laugh at somebody jemanden auslachen
please sb.; please somebody; please sb jemandem gefallen
look after somebody; mind somebody jemanden hüten
to let somebody down jemanden hängen lassen
to be responsible somebody jdm unterstellt sein
to drive somebody mad jdn.verrückt machen

Thanks for the message. I hope that your friend here in England will soon be feeling better. If you decide to come at another time, I would be very pleased to meet you here. You can sleep at my place.
As mentioned in our conversation, I will send a more detailed description about all the other exercises. As indicated previously, I believe in your technical skills and in your talent.
If you want to write again in Spanish, just do it. I have much to do at the moment, again and again... Sometimes it happens that I must work at night until the early hours of the morning.
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