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Translation of irgendjemand

irgendjemand somebody    

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Sample sentences:
Irgendjemand fischte einen Tintenfisch aus dem Aquarium und warf ihn nach uns.

Someone grabbed a squid from the tank and threw it at us.

I would like to know if Jack is interested to join us as well. Shared learning is called Tandem. I'm coming in 2 days to Spain. I will pay for the study costs of my daughter, and I assume all other costs as well.
I think it's a good idea to fly to Antigua to a language school. I feel more confident with the grammar in Spanish. Perhaps it would be better if the school would arrange the accommodation.
I'd be very happy if you could correct my Spanish. In return, I'll help you too, of course. 3 years ago I traveled to Chile to visit the country, only for a month, unfortunately. Loved the Cordillera!
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