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Translation of speaker in German

the speaker     der Redner
the speaker     der Sprecher

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Sample sentences:
The native English speaker served as an aide to the Chinese English teachers.

Der englische Muttersprachler fungierte als Hilfskraft für die chinesischen Englischlehrer.
After they gave the speaker a mike, we could finally hear him. Nachdem sie dem Sprecher ein Mikro gaben, konnten wir ihn endlich hören.
A wooden stage was built for the speaker in the middle of the square. Eine hölzerne Bühne wurde für den Redner in der Mitte des Platzes aufgebaut.
native speaker Muttersprachler; Muttersprachlerin
speaker Sprecher; Sprecherin; Sprecher/in
loudspeaker; speaker Lautsprecher, Box, 2
native speaker der Muttersprachler
speaker Sprecher/in; Redner/in
speaker Sprecher/in,Redner/in
nativ speaker Muttersprachler
guest speaker Gastredner/in
guest speaker Gast Referent

I did not have a chance to speak to Nancy yet. I wanted to know how to proceed with the order of the CPU for the communication lab. The CPU will enable Voca Dixtionary to be ultra fast and reliable.
Whatever you decide is fine for me. We arrived in the USA. I remember you telling me that you are working with Holiday Inn. Is there any way that we could get the discount price directly from the hotel?
We stayed there for a few hours observing the hugh ice blocks breaking off and falling into the icy waters leaving a water splash of over 100 meters. Each splash was followed by a dull thunder.
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