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Translation of spook in German

to spook     herumgeistern
the spook     das Gespenst; der Spuk

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Sample sentences:
Lyra saw a spook and crawled into bed with me.

Lyra hat ein Gespenst gesehen und ist bei mir mit ins Bett gekrochen.

I know it is a little confusing. The problem is if the original word is a conjugated verb: I skipped them until now. I did not write it in my explanations. It actually must be skipped. Thanks for noticing.
I have not received your contact request at MSN yet, but I will look it up tonight. My user name is the same as it is here. What it your user name there, also the same as on this website?
The Price street is the continuation of the Green street, everything is straight forward. With good GPS system, you will find it very easily... I'll be waiting there. What color does your car have?
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