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Translation of stationary in German

stationary     stationär
stationary     stehend

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Sample sentences:
Stationary patients can be treated much more efficiently than outpatients.

Stationäre Patienten können viel effektiver als ambulante Patienten behandelt werden.
stationary Schreibwarenhändler(1)
stationary büromaterial
stationary feststehend
stationary ruhend

The people in the market knew how to bargain and one would hardly have a change to lower the price drastically. We bought some Espresso cups carved and painted with some local paintings.
He planned the entire day and knew exactly where to take us and when to take us in order to be before or after the tour buses. We started at the farthest place of all temples called Banteay Srey.
On the other side of the mountain range were the lake region and Bariloche. Argentina had a completely different atmosphere. People were not as calm as in Chile, and it reminded me of Italy.
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