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Translation of stifle in German

to stifle     ersticken

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Arete means earring. Is it only in Mexico, regional? earring has multiple translations in Spanish, some are regionalism, others not. Arete, pendiente, caravana, and some others. But they are widely understood.
I remember once again how I failed as a student, mainly in French class. Since I have lived in Russia, it was not easy to learn other foreign languages. The alphabet is also different.
Germany has a very diverse geography in the North we have the port cities of Hamburg and Bremen, and people are more open, there are a few hills up there. Then you should also visit Berlin.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of ersticken
[bin erstickt]
ersticke  erstickst  erstickt  ersticken  erstickt  ersticken  erstickte  ersticktest  erstickte  erstickten  ersticktet  erstickten