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Translation of supreme in German

supreme     höchst

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Sample sentences:
The designer of the new cleaning robot promised supreme efficiency.

Der Designer des neuen Putzroboters versprach hochgradige Effizienz.
supreme höchste(r), oberste(r)
Supreme Court Oberster Gerichtshof
feel supreme hochgefühl

It would be an advantage if you could send it via DHL, UPS or another Currier, because the parcel was lost once when we sent it with regular mail. Please send me a reference number after you send it.
As mentioned in our conversation, I will send a more detailed description about all the other exercises. As indicated previously, I believe in your technical skills and in your talent.
My daughter and her husband have invited me today, it is always very nice to visit them. There were many friends there too, because it was my grandson's birthday. We were very happy and celebrating.
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