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Translation of timetable in German

the timetable      der Fahrplan 
the timetable     der Zeitplan

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Sample sentences:
According to the timetable, the spaceship was about to enter the stratosphere.

Dem Zeitplan entsprechend war das Raumschiff kurz davor, in die Stratosphäre einzutauchen.
schedule (AE); timetable (BE) Stundenplan;Fahrplan
schedule; timetable Stundenplan; Zeitplan
timetable; schedule Fahrplan, Flugplan,2
the timetable; the schedule der Fahrplan
exam timetable Testplan(1); Probeplan
timetable Zeitplan, Stundenplan
timetable Stundenplan, Zeitplan
the timetable der Stundenplan
timetable Zeitplan; Fahrplan
timetable zeitplan

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