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Translation of toward in German

toward     gegen

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Sample sentences:
His motivation to work that morning gravitated toward zero.

Seine Motivation, an jenem Morgen zu arbeiten ging gegen null.
to lean toward bevorzugen
toward; towards gegen
toward fügsam

On Thursday I have an appointment. If there is no other way, I'll move it. Can you meet on Tuesday, April 11, anyway? I suggest 10.30 in the morning, but I'm fairly flexible, so noon is good too.
In order to quickly become successful, one would have to change certain points, at least in my opinion: After 5 months of learning, I have still not found the grammar practice on which I should concentrate.
The weather is never really good this time of the year here. I have found a new girlfriend and guess what: she is Spanish. Yesterday we went out for the 4th time. Tomorrow I will see her again.
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