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Translation of unable in German

unable     unfähig

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Sample sentences:
The children were unable to chain the pony to the pole.

Die Kinder schafften es nicht, das Pony an den Pfahl zu binden.
I am unable to lift or to push the anvil. Ich bin nicht in der Lage, den Amboss zu heben oder zu schieben.
unable ausserstand; unfähig; untauglich
unable unfähig

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I have your letter sitting on my desk. But, in the last 2 months I have been working on some projects which were very time consuming. I will not be able to start anything new before October or November.
We landed at the same airport were we have started our trip three weeks earlier (before continuing to Cambodia), however this time we would stay for two days in the city. We were back in SE Asia.
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