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Translation of usher in German

to usher     einführen; geleiten
the usher     der Gerichtsdiener; der Platzanweiser

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Sample sentences:
The usher at the Palace Theater took Mini to her seat.

Der Platzanweiser im Palace Theater brachte Mini zu ihrem Platz.
to usher in ankündigen
to usher geleiten
usher oncu olmak

When have you been to Italy last time? It is very far from Romania. My friends and I were all small children when we last saw each other and when we met again we were all adults. This experience was a very strange feeling, but we have overcome it.
Was that all? I was sure that I had a lot more mistakes, because I did not know how to express myself properly. Maybe I am a natural born talent. I am just kidding. Let me know if you need something else.
Should I call him in August? Will he know who I am? I hope that we will return to Italy in October, then we may take a coffee or a beer together, or we can even go to eat something small.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of einführen
führe ein  führst ein  führt ein  führen ein  führt ein  führen ein  führte ein  führtest ein  führte ein  führten ein  führtet ein  führten ein     
Conjugation of geleiten
geleite  geleitest  geleitet  geleiten  geleitet  geleiten  geleitete  geleitetest  geleitete  geleiteten  geleitetet  geleiteten