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Translation of Platzanweiser

der Platzanweiser the usher    

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Sample sentences:
Der Platzanweiser im Palace Theater brachte Mini zu ihrem Platz.

The usher at the Palace Theater took Mini to her seat.

It actually happened to my cousin's youngest kid. He was repeatedly warned not to smoke in the courtyard of the school. At the end he found himself expelled from the school. It could have been an interesting experience for him though.
I am sending you my e-mail address. Then I can write in German and send it to you faster. Please send me pictures of your children. I love little kids, they are always so sweet and innocent.
I will be doing my second year of studies abroad, probably in Panama. For that I will really want to learn Spanish. I know little about the Spanish language, but I will learn. I can help you with German.
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