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Translation of week in German

the week      die Woche 

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Sample sentences:
The promo was completed within a week.

Das Werbevideo wurde innerhalb einer Woche fertiggestellt.
In Maui, the crew went ashore for the first time in six weeks. In Maui ging die Mannschaft zum ersten Mal seit sechs Wochen an Land.
Are you sure you want to spend four weeks in this crummy shack? Bis du sicher, dass du vier Wochen in diesem schäbigen Schuppen verbringen willst?
last week schließlich,endlich
working week wochenarbeitszeit(1)
twice a week zweimal pro Woche
twice a week zweimal die Woche
the week(s) die Woche, Wochen
all week die ganze woche(1)
all week die ganze Woche
week die Woche, -n
Week Woche

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However, his English was excellent and we soon found out that he was an English teacher before the war. We agreed on a price for showing us the entire area during the next 2 days. We took a nap and he picked us up later.
The same afternoon (October 4) we took a flight to Arequipa, spearing a bus ride of 12 hours. Due to heavy winds we had a delay of 2 hours. We took off at around 4.30pm.
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