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Translation of hartar

hartar     to satiate    

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There were no lights on the highway and hardly any cars, but quiet a few motorcycles and funnily pedestrians walking on the emergency lane. There was a tropical atmosphere in the air, I liked it.
I told her that when you meet a person and you like that person you start dating him/her. After a while, if the couple stays together they go to the next step and move together or get married.
I spoke to my sister's friend and she told me I could stay at her place whenever I wanted. I then played Galaga on one of the computer machines and advanced to a very high level of the game.
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Conjugation of hartar
harto  hartas  harta  hartamos  hartáis  hartan  hartaba  hartabas  hartaba  hartábamos  hartabais  hartaban  harté  hartaste  hartó  hartamos  hartasteis  hartaron  hartaré  hartarás  hartará  hartaremos  hartaréis  hartarán