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Translation of hermosa

hermosa     beauteous    ; handsome    ; lovely    

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Sample sentences:
Miguel Ángel pintó escenas hermosas de la Biblia en la Capilla Sixtina.

Michelangelo painted beautiful scenes of the Bible in the Sistine Chapel.
El loto es una planta acuática con hermosas flores. The lotus is an aquatic plant with beautiful flowers.
El otoño es una estación hermosa para visitar Nueva Inglaterra. Autumn is a beautiful season to visit New England.

About ten hours later we landed in Bangkok, with the calculated time difference it was about two o'clock in the afternoon. I asked at the information desk how I could get to the domestic terminal.
It is called Facebook viral marketing. I'm 62 and it's somewhat mystifying, but my two boys are using it continuously. What I'm a bit afraid of is the personal information they send to everybody. It has no privacy.
These may be linguistic and cultural differences. There are indeed various regions throughout Spain and the word choice is not always the same. It is sometimes hard to understand people from other cities.
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