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Translation of hoja

la hoja      the leaf     
la hoja     the leaf    ; the foil    
la hoja     the blade    

Pronunciation of hoja    

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Sample sentences:
Les dieron un saco y les dijeron que quitaran las hojas secas del parque.

They were given a sack and were told to remove the dried leaves from the park.
Esta ensalada es una mezcla de hojas verdes: lechuga, escarola, espinacas y rúcula. This salad is a mix of green leaves: lettuce, endive, spinach, and arugula.
María tiene una enredadera alrededor de su casa que se cubre con hojas en verano. Mary has a creeper all around her house that is covered with leaves in summer.
la hoja de papel piece of paper
la hoja the leave

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