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Translation of hospedar

hospedar     to put up

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Sample sentences:
La policía tuvo que acordonar el hotel donde se hospedaba la banda de rock.

The police had to cordon off the hotel where the rock band was staying.

The connecting flight to Phuket was fully booked, and the connection to Krabi had five empty seats. The problem was that the boarding began in ten minutes and I did not even have a ticket.
It is called Facebook viral marketing. I'm 62 and it's somewhat mystifying, but my two boys are using it continuously. What I'm a bit afraid of is the personal information they send to everybody. It has no privacy.
My daughter and her husband have invited me today, it is always very nice to visit them. There were many friends there too, because it was my grandson's birthday. We were very happy and celebrating.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of hospedar
hospedo  hospedas  hospeda  hospedamos  hospedáis  hospedan  hospedaba  hospedabas  hospedaba  hospedábamos  hospedabais  hospedaban  hospedé  hospedaste  hospedó  hospedamos  hospedasteis  hospedaron  hospedaré  hospedarás  hospedará  hospedaremos  hospedaréis  hospedarán